As Leland “Rocky” Rockstraw, PhD ʻ06, RN, considered his options following a 30-year career as a nurse in the U.S. Air Force, he had an epiphany. “I realized that education was where the greatest good could happen,” Rockstraw recalls

He joined Drexelʼs faculty in 2001, and teaches full time across the spectrum of graduate and undergraduate nursing, both in the classroom and online. “I have this desire to make the learning environment fun, valuable and safe clinically, but challenging academically,” he says.

Wired for Technology

Through the Universityʼs Global Classroom program, Rockstrawʼs online teaching connects him and his freshman nursing students at Drexel with their counterparts at Eternal University in India.

“My passion is in healthcare and nursing. My brain is wired for technology,” says Rockstraw, who led Drexelʼs efforts to build and grow a simulation labs program.

Helping One Student at a Time

Rockstraw also previously led the creation of a college-wide department that supports IT, online learning technologies, web design and “just in time technology education” for faculty, staff and students. While he remains interested in finding new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom, Rockstraw still believes in the personal approach to nursing and teaching.

“I became a nurse to help one person at a time,” he says. “Now, Iʼm helping students and faculty one at a time to excel and give back to the community.”