“Sometimes the greatest compliment that you can get when you are a student is from your teacher, but in this case it was someone I had never met before. A rapid response was happening on my unit and I went in to observe.”

“The patient had labored breathing on hi-flow oxygen, looked obtunded, was placed on the heart monitor, and was having an ABG (arterial blood gas) taken. At the bedside, the ABG results printed and the doctor looked at me. Noticing that I was a student, he gave me the ABG results and told me to tell him what was going on. I was floored and tried digging up the Blood Gas lecture in the recesses of my brain. ‘Uncompensated metabolic acidosis,’ I told him hesitantly after a few seconds. He looked at the paper, then back at me, and says, ‘You are exactly right. Very well done! I can tell you’re going to be a great nurse.’ I’d never had anyone tell me that before, but from then on I knew that nursing was where I wanted to be.”

–Andre Angelia, BSN, RN, Nu’19, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing