Elizabeth “Beth” Acton is a Registered Nurse in the Ambulatory Infusion Center at ChristianaCare in Delaware. The Ambulatory Infusion Center at ChristianaCare provides a full spectrum of infusion and transfusion services for patients in a comfortable outpatient setting. The infusion center provides services to adolescent, adult and geriatric populations and offers an array of professional infusion services including blood product, hemophilia factors, IV immune globulin, iron therapy, and pheresis procedures.

Beth is one of only two Registered Nurses in the center who have been promoted to level III of the ChristianaCare Nursing Clinical Ladder. In honor of National IV Nurse Day, celebrated on January 25 annually, we share Beth’s story about passion for nursing and her community.

Beth provides exceptional nursing infusion care to dozens of patients every week through her primary role. When not providing care to infusion patients, Beth is providing care for her community. Beth works closely with her church to provide comfort and support to the homeless in New Castle County, Delaware through a program called Family Promise.

Beth coordinates care with other churches in the area to provide consistent and safe housing, meals, internet access, access to washers and dryers, telephone access and transportation for homeless families. Beth and the team especially support the community during the holidays. Beth says Easter is her favorite time of year because they cook for the families and help children with Easter egg hunts.

Beth also carries “blessing bags” in her car and provides them to the homeless throughout her travels. The blessing bags contain useful items depending on the time of year. Typical items include sunscreen, lip balm, crackers, bottled water, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and gloves.

Beth and her family also spend time supporting teenagers experiencing difficult home situations. Beth and her family often take in homeless and troubled youth until they can get back on their feet and reunite with family members. Beth also cares for vulnerable animals. She is a member of the Humane Society of the United States, the Delaware Humane Society, the Brandywine SPCA, and Forgotten Cats Rescue. Beth participates in fundraisers and donates food to multiple locations. She is hoping to become a foster pet parent soon, recognizing the importance of giving animals a loving home while they find their “forever” home. She doesn’t just take care of animals that walk; Beth has also crocheted nests for orphaned birds at the Appalachian Bird Rescue.

Even with everything she already does, Beth still feels like she could do more. She creates significant impact for her community and patients because, she says, “To serve is my lifeblood, my passion and my joy.”